Course Content:

  • Understand the Holistic Approach
  • History of Aromatherapy
  • Understand the Structure and Function of essential oils
  • Understand Plant Families and their relevance to the Aroma Therapist
  • Understand and demonstrate the safe dosage and blending of essential oils
  • Understand the physiological and psychological effects of aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy massage including Swedish massage, passive movements, pressure point stimulus and lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Understand therapeutic effects
  • Understand the importance of aromatherapy for clients and families receiving palliative or social care
  • The evaluation and reviews of the aromatherapy treatment programme
  • The importance of suitable aftercare and home care advice
  • Methods of preparing aromatherapy preparations for professional & home use

Duration and Requirements:

October – June – Two days per month.
Candidates must hold a body massage qualification.